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"Preplanning is the best, last gift you can leave your family" - Kenny DeLozier

Preplanning for a funeral is a great way to insure that a family member’s desires will be fulfilled after they pass. Our process is to sit down with them and any party involved to discuss every option possible, and guide toward them their best and effective choices they are most comfortable with. Our pre-planning team will meet in a private meeting room at our funeral home, or wherever is the most convenient location for you.

Costs will more than likely be discussed, or the pre-planning can easily be about what types of services is desired.

When pre-arranging a funeral is involved, we encourage individuals to consider these aspects:

  • Is it a Traditional burial or cremation service?

  • What type of visitation is desired for the viewing or wake?

  • What location will the services be held (funeral home, place of worship, cemetery)?

  • Are there any special considerations? For example an eco-friendly or "green" burial?

  • Will this be religious/spiritual ceremony vs. secular service?

  • What specific music (including songs and artists) is to be used?

  • Is there a specific scripture or spiritual readings to be read or quoted?

  • What is the flower preference; a donation that requests in lieu of flowers or a memorial contribution?

  • Are there any unique or detailed desires of the individual or family to make the service more personalized?

Preplanning Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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